Wasilla: The town where they love nature so much that they shoot it in the face

Here’s the map for all obits from the last few weeks:

WasillaAs before, term-size is based on the number of interconnections the term in question has with other terms, and edge width represents the number of pairwise connections.  Not much going on in this town.  I guess when Sarah Palin eventually kicks the bucket, we’ll see a few more terms.

Speaking of women from Wasilla, here’s the map you get when you partition off the men:

Wasilla FemaleNot much sense of community in this town, which I guess is what you’d expect.  The women don’t seem to have many friends.  By contrast, here’s the map for the men:

Wasilla MaleThe sports fans are back!  It’s also a little ironic that this is the least complex map we’ve produced, and yet it prominently features the term ‘complex’.




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