On the “pope emeritus,” some fitting words from book four of Zarathustra

Ratzi the Nazi has retired.

a face of evil

Good riddance.  His replacement seems only marginally better, but only time will tell.  Here are some apropos words to mark the occasion, from book for of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Cambridge translation):

What does the whole world know today?” asked Zarathustra.  “This perhaps, that the old God no longer lives, the one in whom the whole world once believed?”

“You said it,” answered the old man gloomily.  “And I served this old God until his final hour.  But now I am retired, without a master, and yet I am not free, nor merry for a single hour unless in my memories.  And so I climbed into these mountains to finally have a festival for myself, as is proper for an old pope and church father: for know this, I am the last pope! — a festival of pious memories and divine worship.  But now he himself is dead, this pious human being, this saint in the woods who constantly praised his god with singing and growling.  I did not find him when I found his hut — but two wolves were in it, howling at his death — for all animals loved him.  Then I ran away.  Did I arrive in vain in these woods and mountains?  Then my heart resolved to seek another, the most pious of all those who do not believe in God — to seek Zarathustra!”

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