CFP: Virtues

I will be editing a special edition of The Monist on the topic of “Virtues.”

Here’s the CFP: Some virtues, like courage and temperance, have been part of the philosophical tradition since its inception. Others, like filial piety and female chastity, have gone out of style. Still others, like curiosity and aesthetic good taste, are upstarts. What, if anything, can be said in general about this motley collection? Are they all dispositions to respond to reasons? Do they share characteristic components, such as affect, emotion, and trust? Are they organized into a cardinal hierarchy, or is it better to investigate them one by one, developing a comprehensive but unstructured catalogue? What would constitute an empirical test of the degree to which a given virtue is realized, and, to the extent that such tests have been conducted, what is their philosophical upshot? Contributions from various perspectives, including perspectives underrepresented in this context (experimental, feminist, Humean, pragmatist, phenomenological, etc.), are invited to address these and related questions.

Deadline: July 2015

2 thoughts on “CFP: Virtues

  1. Great topic, and congrats on editing it! Is that date right? Just noticed how far away this is when putting it into google calender…

    • Thanks, Brad. Yes, that is in fact the right date, and it is far off. Hopefully, this will give people plenty of time to submit something, even if they don’t have a paper ready-to-hand when they see the CFP.

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