Nori meets Carlos Danger

While in Oaxaca, Mexico, this summer, we came across the folk art known as ‘alebrije’ — basically, a wooden carved animal painted in fantastical colors.  The original alebrijes were all mythical creatures, but as time has passed and tourists have passed through, the local artisans have started making them in the shapes (more or less) of real animals.  So, when I visited an alebrije shop on my birthday, it only seemed appropriate to augment Nori’s shrine.  Her new friend is named, fittingly enough, ‘Carlos Danger’ because he’s Mexican and his ears tend to fall off.  Here’s documentation of their first encounter:

Nori and Carlos Danger wonder what is going on Nori loves Carlos Danger Nori and Carlos Danger 2013-07-25 12.23.04

McGinn claims to be “the most enlightened person in the world”

Outrageous and infuriating, but all I can think of is the Dos Equis guy…



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